Job Exp

  • Real experience 23Apr2015
    1. Self  Intro (english)
    2. Why consider external chance
    3. What’s your daily work in the current role (R&R)
    4. What is the project purpose and background
    5. How to handle bad performer (caused by skillset or attitude?  PIP then manage out)
    6. if two urgent  project from two different dept, your resource can only handle one project,  what will you say with the dept you will reject
      my answer: understood their urgency but can’t pickup as group priority
    7. Better answer: Clarify why you need to do the high priority project, double check why they also urgent,see if they can wait a bit to let you escalate to get more resource to fulfill the request. If No then see any other dept can help to kick off the project
    8. Why Chengdu
    9. Why ANZ
    10. Expect Salary (seems they can’t pay 1st line cities salary)
  • 1st interview
    1. What’s the 3 principles for object oriental programme.  Any example of polylisim
    2. How do you learn java (sharing and corporation is the best way to learn)
    3. What’s the 3 normalization for a db?  Any example for de-normalization.
    4. How do you measure the candidate in interview
    5. Why you leave HSBC
  • Candy’s Questions
    • Any experience using IBM MQ?
    • What’s Inmutable object, how to implement it? (
    • Tell me how to implement singleton using inmutable object. Any other approach, what’s the advantage and dis-advantage
    • When to override hashcode and equal?
    • In case the key object has same hashcode, what’s the result of putting the two object to hashmap?
    • Hashtable vs concurrenthashmap ? They are both thread-safe, which one has better performance
    • In case a variable/object is not Serialiable in a Serialization object,  it will throw exception, how to prevent this exception ( use transient to declare it)

    Callable vs Runable. What will have better performance?

    • The implmentation detail of hashtmap and concurrenthashmap
    • Violate vs synchronization
    • Reentratelock vs  synchronized
    • Object lock vs class lock
    • GC implementation mechanism (marker)
    • How GC report indicates  an action on tuning the GC?
    • What cause Young GC?
    • Minor GC vs Major GC vs Full GC
    • What parameter can be set for GC?

    How to estimate the JVM  size?

    Using what kinds of design pattern to handle different source provider? (Adapter, Factory, Strategy)



  1. 从事的项目why/what/how
  2. current role
  3. Technical question

1) What’s Atomic

2) What’s violate

3) Atomic vs violate

4) Maprecude – Sorting stratgy and why

5) Classloader – What/Why/How

6) Oracle – performance tuning(How), Index

7) How to design an distribute system, what factor to be consider

8) 平时关注的技术 优劣对比,适合场景



  1. 从事的项目why/what/how
  2. current role
  3. Technical question

1) SOA – what problem to solve, how to solve.

2) How to solve current system performance issue (problem: a server to process 4k files)

3) SOA vs EDA.  what Scenario to adopt them

4) Big data. SPARK vs Storm what Scenario to adopt them

5) 平时关注的技术 优劣对比,适合场景


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