experienced Java Developer with analytical skills

We are on the journey of building systems that are responsible for distributing data across Capital Markets systems

We are now under transformation and redesign of our customer and counterparty distribution component. We aim to replace the component using the service-oriented approach with loosely coupled services, asynchronous communication and resilient design. We are looking for a developer with well proven experience in Java, microservices, RESTful API and creating designs to achieve maximum performance and scalability.


You will be working with:

  • Java, RESTful API
  • Creating design
  • Redesigning systems and implement ideas
  • Development in all layers of our technical stack
  • All areas from the database to the front-end, including some of the latest open-source frameworks

take a part in gathering requirements and specifying solutions in collaboration with stakeholders from business. You will have a chance to take the lead of an overhaul effort to modern technology and paradigms, and to support upcoming regulations.


focused on agile development methods and continuous delivery. We use Scrum and Jira for sprint and task management. Automated testing and good code quality are key aspects of this which are very important to us.



  • highly skilled Java developer with a desire and talent for working full-stack, both frontend and backend

pro-active in your daily work, and you always look for improvements to code, structure and processes.


Other important skills:

  • Core Java, AngularJS, lodash, RESTful API, Spring, Bootstrap, Selenium, ATDD
  • Oracle PL/SQL, JavaScript including libraries/frameworks.
  • Integrating into messaging technologies like IBM MQ and Apache Kafka
  • Knowledge and experience with tools like Maven, Git, SVN, and the Atlassian suite (Jira, Bamboo, Confluence, FishEye)

excellent communication skills in English with good cross-cultural awareness.


To prepare

  • ETL- Datastage (parallel processing, stages)
  • Core java, spring (
    • collection
    • generic
    • annotation
    • design pattern
    • concurrence
    • jvm
    • jpa
    • spring ioc, mvc,batch, integration ,boot, data
    • jbehave, mokito
  • micro service
  • Restful api
  • Reactive
  • Oracle
  • ATDD with cucumber
  • Bootstrap/angularjs/d3/websocket
  • Kafka/ibm mq
  • Capital project
  • Datalake big data tools

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