Big data SMACK One characteristic of fast data applications is the ingestion of vast amounts of data streams. Note the big difference between ingestion and storage. Businesses require real-time analysis and the need to combine transactions on live data with real-time analytics Fast data applications solve three challenges: • Data streams analysis • Data pipelines… Continue reading Big data SMACK


Install Concepts Clusters Clusters are the set of compute, storage, and network resources where pods are deployed, managed, and scaled. Clusters are made of nodes connected via a “flat” network, in which each node and pod can communicate with each other. A typical Kubernetes cluster size ranges from 1 – 200 nodes, and it’s… Continue reading Kubernetes

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Features   ActiveMQ is an open source, Java Message Service (JMS) 1.1–compliant, message-oriented middleware (MOM) from the Apache Software Foundation that provides high availability, performance, scalability, reliability, and security for enterprise messaging.   the job of a MOM is to mediate events and messages among distributed applications, guaranteeing that they reach their intended recipients. So… Continue reading #onenote# activemq

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Dispatchers Dispatchers An Akka MessageDispatcher is what makes Akka Actors “tick”, it is the engine of the machine so to speak. All MessageDispatcher implementations are also an ExecutionContext, which means that they can be used to execute arbitrary code, for instance Futures. Akka MessageDispatcher 是维持 Akka Actor “运作”的部分, 可以说它是整个机器的引擎. 所有的MessageDispatcher 实现也同时是一个 ExecutionContext, 这意味着它们可以用来执行任何代码,  缺省派发器 在没有为 Actor作配置的情况下,每个 ActorSystem 将有一个缺省的派发器。 缺省派发器是可配置的,缺省情况下是一个确定的default-executor的… Continue reading #onenote# akka 2

#onenote# akka

Tips Still error: C:\_nCWD_\DevTool\typesafe-activator-dist-1.3.10\bin\test>activator -Dactivator proxyDebug=true  -Dactivator.proxyDebug=true ui   Lost or failed sbt connection: Failed to start server, error output was: ‘Error: Could not find or load main class # Proxy settings’ directory ‘C:\_nCWD_\Work\Eclipse_Workspace\hello-akka’ command ‘java -jar C:\Users\pdclzj\.sbt\launchers\sbt-launch-57d0f04f4b48b11ef7e764f4cea58dee4e806ffd.jar –locate @file:/C:/Users/pdclzj/AppData/Local/Temp/boot1876359105027878154properties’     Command to start activator in proxy env. activator -Dhttp.proxyUser=34069108 -Dhttp.proxyPassword=<pwd> -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 ui… Continue reading #onenote# akka